Back after a very long hiatus

18 Aug

I have never opened my blog after my last post which was a year and almost 6 months ago. I have not done so for so many reasons: I got so busy juggling motherhood, being a wife and work. But hey, those are just three things but let’s break it down a little bit. Motherhood means parenting, breastfeeding, making milk, feeding solids, running after my son who is now a toddler, picking up toys, arranging books (in a particular order because im OC just ike that), looking after my yaya (who needs constant follow-up), washing butts, rocking, singing ang dancing my toddler to naps and evening slumber. On top of that, let me not forget that before I became a mom, i was a wife and so I have to take care of my husband too because that’s when I am reminded that we should never stop dating and having fun and just be parents. My work, on the other hand, which takes me away from home for almost 12 hours in a day, demands a lot too. So there, blogging went out of the window.

However, I am pregnant again with my second child and I thought that I should really go back to blogging since I will be cherishing the rest of my pregnancy at home( yes, I’m quutting my job effective on the 20th), while watching my son do new things everyday and spending time with him before the new baby comes in March.

And so, I welcome ME back to the blog world.



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